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        WHITE POLESE GARLIC (Arquà Polesine)

The cultivation of white garlic has a long tradition dating back to the early nineteenth century, although in reality the first traces of that culture date as far back as the Romans. Over the years, its importance for the economy of the Polese region has grown considerably and today the area produces about 90% of the Veneto garlic and 60% of the national product. For this reason, garlic is also called the white gold of Polesine.







        FIREWORKS (Arquà Polesine)

For almost 100 years Arqua’ has been known in Italy, but also abroad, for the production of fireworks, which have become more and more sophisticated and technological with time.









          BONDOLA (Fratta Polesine - Frassinelle Polesine)

A precious protagonist of feast days, the Bondola is a sausage with a round shape, aged three to four months, that should be eaten cooked, and whose preparation, processing and maturing are secretly handed down from father to son. It is made of pork choice (including loin and shoulder in equal parts, throat and bacon), quality red wine or brandy, salt, pepper and garlic (optional); the mixture is stuffed into pork or veal’s bladder. The seasoning varies from two to three months. The rest of the ingredients, that make Bondola the queen of autumn and winter meals, are "top secret".





        FRAGOLINO LIQUEUR (Pincara)

The production of Fragolino liqueur was developed in Pincara by a company born five generations ago. Its recipe was found in an old manuscript cookbook and is to date kept in the museum "The Future of Memory", located within the company itself. The Fragolino is a hydro-alcoholic infusion of strawberries, led to the alcoholic content of 30%, to which strawberry juice and sugar are added. The liqueur is cloudy and has an intense red colour. To the sense of smell, the strawberries give a pleasant, enveloping sensation.

In the spring, this product is presented at the "Strawberry Festival" of Salara (Rovigo), an annual event that promotes this fruit.




        THE CARBONARO CAKE (Fratta Polesine)

Tasty cake in the shape of a "panettone" with chocolate chips and marron glaces has been thought as a reminder of the carbonara tradition of the city of Fratta. 









        PINZA ONTA (Fratta Polesine)

Also in Polesine the culture of bread is very deep-rooted. A few simple ingredients (soft wheat flour, water, oil or better lard, yeast and salt) give life to the pliers shame. Very often this is enriched with pork crackling or chopped rosemary.








        SHOE MANUFACTURING (Villanova del Ghebbo)

For many years the wealth of Villanova del Ghebbo and its fame at a national level derived from many small companies that produced shoes or machinery for their processing; today, however, it remains a large representation with its own brands. The secret of the remaining companies is the artisan production that is handed down from generation to generation all strictly made in Italy.







        THE PUAZZA CAKE (Lendinara)

The Puazza is a sweet made with almonds dedicated to the marble figure that decorates the Praetorian Palace. The local tradition identifies this figure as a work of oriental origin depicting the goddess Isis.









        GARIBALDI BISCUITS (Lendinara)

Garibaldi biscuits are made following an ancient recipe that attests to the predilection of the famous historical hero to these cakes made with shredded raisins. This type of biscuits seems very popular also in England.








        CAPTAIN PIPE’S LIQUEUR (Lendinara)

The origin of this liqueur dates back to 1949. It has a pleasant, distinctive and individual flavour and the special aroma of Captain Pipe makes it suitable for any use. It is excellent when it is drunk straight, at room temperature. It can also be diluted with plain water for an aromatic drink or it can be used in the filling of ice creams as well as in the preparation of sweets to give a touch of intense aroma.







        LUSIA I.G.P. SALAD (Lusia)


Lusia Salad is a salad belonging to the Asteracee Lactuca Sativa family and comes in two varieties: Cappuccia and Gentile. Following the important I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition conferred in 2009 by the European Community, the "Consorzio di Tutela dell'Insalata di Lusia I.G.P." (Consortium for the Protection of Insalata di Lusia I.G.P.) was born, which promotes the strict application of the regulations, protecting the quality of the product.





       STAINED GLASS WINDOWS (San Bellino)

Here, thanks to the skilful hands of master glassmakers, works capable of transforming a cold and transparent material like glass into majestic and exclusive objects are created. Thanks to the completely open structure of the workshop, the visitor will have the opportunity to observe the craftsmen at work, will be able to touch all the tools of the trade and will get lost in a sea of shapes and colours.








Polesine is a land of multiple traditions and the result of historical successions of rulers who left traces in its gastronomy and local products. In order to remember our journey in this area, here are some products that we can find in Polesine. They narrate the flavors, the places, the atmosphere and the scents of this land.

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