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Visitors never get bored in Polesine. The history and tradition of this land are told in an original way through fairs and festivals that attract thousands of people. Polesine presents itself in a different way during every season and gives a warm welcome to tourists and visitors. Here are some of the events:



Weekly market on Monday (Polesella)

Weekly market on Wednesday (Frassinelle Polesine)

Weekly market on Thursday (Fratta Polesine)

Weekly market on Friday (Arquà Polesine)

Weekly market on Friday (Villanova del Ghebbo)

Weekly market on Saturday (Lendinara)

Market for local agricultural products, first Sunday of the month (Fratta Polesine)

Antique and hobby market, first Sunday of the month (Lendinara)

Antique market, third Sunday of the month (Polesella)


Summer in the Villa, from June to September (Fratta Polesine)

Garibaldi’s Historical Reenactment, June (Lendinara)

St. John the Baptist’s Festival, end of June (Pincara)

Wheat Festival, first and second weekends of July (Villamarzana)

Provincial Festival of Garlic, July (Arquà Polesine)

Festival of Rasa, July (Lendinara)

The White Night, last Saturday of July (Polesella)

Patron Saint Stephen I Pope Fair, August 2, (Villamarzana)

Fair of S. Ghitan, August 7 (Polesella)

Antiques and hobby fair and trade, August 14 (Lendinara)

Patron Saint Bartholomew Fair, 24 to 27 of August (Frassinelle Polesine)

Cheerful Theatre, September-October (Polesella)

Racanin Fair, September 8 (Polesella)

Lendinara September Festival, September 8 (Lendinara)

Ancient Festival of Granze, September 8 (Granze, Arquà Polesine)

Fratta and its riches, third Sunday in September (Fratta Polesine)

Saint Michel Archange Fair, last week of September (Villanova del Ghebbo)


"Domenico Montagnana" International Festival, October-November (Lendinara)

Parish Fair, first week of October (Polesella)

Days of the Carbonari, second week in November (Fratta Polesine)

Exhibition of Nativity Scenes, from December till February (Lendinara)

Christmas Village, December-January (Lendinara)

Exhibition of Nativity Scenes, from December till January (Fratta Polesine)

Christmas Concert, third Sunday in December (Fratta Polesine)

Living Nativity, 24 December (Lendinara)

Christmas in Polesella, December 24 till January 6 (Polesella)

Living Nativity, December 26 (Fratta Polesine)

Miss Epiphany in Polesine, January 6 (Lendinara)

Children's Carnival, Sunday before Ash Wednesday (Lendinara)

Spring Fair, March (Fratta Polesine)

Saint Mark’s Fair - Lendinara in bloom, April 25 (Lendinara)

Palio of the Valley of Ash Trees, May (Frassinelle Polesine)

"Carciolli" Tournament, May-June (Polesella)

May in Arqua’, last week of May and first week of June (Arquà Polesine)

"Raise" Literary Award, last week of May and first week of June (Arquà Polesine)

“Everyone-on-a-bike”, June 2 (Lendinara)

Palio of Angun, first weekend of June (Polesella)

Fish Festival, first half of June (Frassinelle Polesine)

Pentecost Fair, Pentecost Sunday (Polesella)

Theatre Festival, June (Arquà Polesine)

June in Fratta, June (Fratta Polesine)




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