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The Polesine to be appreciated must be discovered; its beauties are hidden to those who hastily cross it. The slowness with which the slow pedalling forces, allows the gaze to appreciate, colours, harmonies, dimensions.

The emotion with which you ride the Polesine grows gradually, not a dazzling passion, but a love made of small things, because beauty is never ostentatious but is hidden in small caskets waiting to be discovered and opened in a real treasure hunt.

Sensitivity to beauty is always the result of values, personal stories and integral cultural formation. With vision the sense of beauty is formed and its perception increases by grasping its direct and implicit aspects so that the more we learn to see the better we see.

The way we look and listen to the harmonies and disharmonies in the surrounding reality allows for a growing sensitivity that allows us to grasp the truest and deepest sense of beings and things.

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