The Passport of the Lands between Adige and Po

     For slow and curious tourists














































































Based on the same concept as the classic travel document, the Passport of the Lands between Adige and Po was born. As for those who are used to travelling between different countries, it is not only a travel document, but also a collection of memories. In particular, what will be fixed in your memory will be the emotions deriving from the visit to seven places dedicated to the culture of this territory full of surprises.










The passport can be picked up in each of the seven places shown inside. In each of these, it will be possible to put, in the space reserved for it, the stamp that shows the visit.
Once the page is complete, a nice gadget will be delivered to you in the last museum visited.














A l’Alboron, via Dante Alighieri 284 - Costa di Rovigo (Ro)

Info: +39 0425 497272, +39 0425 497107

The Ethnographic Museum collects, documents and historical finds relating to the social, economic and religious history of the Costa di Rovigo area.


Cittadella della Cultura, via G.B. Conti 30 - Lendinara (Ro).

Info: +39 0425 605667, +39 0425 605666

The Citadel houses the Museum of the Risorgimento, the Municipal Library, the photographic archive of the Marchiori family, medieval parchments and art books of the '700.


Collezione Balzan, via Danieli - Badia Polesine (Ro).

Info: +39 0425 21530, +39 0425 51766

The Balzan Collection consists of a beautiful collection of 49 Italian nineteenth and twentieth century paintings.


Museo Archeologico Nazionale, via G. Tasso 1 - Fratta Polesine (Ro).

Info: +39 0425 668523

The museum is located near the barns of Villa Badoer; in it are exposed the materials deriving from the villages that populated the ancient river Po between the XII and the X century BC and represents the outcome of over 40 years of archaeological research in Polesine.


Castello Estense, via Castello 2 - Arquà Polesine (Ro).

Info: +39 0425 91051 int.2

Built in 1146, it is one of the most interesting and best preserved medieval monuments of the Polesine.
Inside, the beautiful frescoed rooms, the myth of Fetonte.


Museo Antiche Distillerie, via G.Matteotti 1001 - Pincara (Ro).

Info: +39 0425 754342

The company museum offers visitors an exploratory, experiential, educational and didactic itinerary on the artisanal production of liqueurs and spirits.


Museo dei 43 Martiri di Villamarzana, via S.Pietro Martire 1 - Villamarzana (Ro).

Info: +39 0425 938018

The document center and memorial museum, collects documents related to the tragic massacre of 43 partisans victims, in 1944, of nazifascists.




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