Description of the cycling route



The route that connects the Adige to the Po has the charm of discovery.

Its unique peculiarity is to tell, in less than 50 km, the basic stages of the geomorphological evolution of the landscape as well as the main phases of human settlement, from the earliest ones, more than 3,000 years ago, to the various occupations that have taken place over the centuries resulting in architectural styles and traditions.

In these places, important and recent chapters of Italian history, art and economy have been written and their basic stages are narrated, in an innovative and engaging way, in local museums.

An integral part to the itinerary is the natural river environment (floodplains, eddies, etc.) and the open countryside that changes its appearance at each season, giving the landscape new colours and dimensions.




33.5 km; with detours to alternative visitation centres: 47.7 km.



Barbuglio (Lendinara).




The route can also be followed in the opposite direction.


Conditions of the trail:

Route completely flat on bike path and paved roads with little traffic.



Route is fully marked.







Follow the signs labelled with the route's logo.



Cyclists should respect the local road regulations, wear protective equipment and take with them a first-aid kit and bicycle repair tools.



The most suitable for the route found in this guide are tourism, city and hybrid bicycles.



We recommend attire that allows the cyclist to pedal comfortably and safely.

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