Polesine must be experienced slowly


































The peaceful flowing of rivers and canals has shaped not only the territory but also the way of life of the inhabitants, jealous guardians and witnesses of tradition and authenticity. It is for this reason that during every season of the year there is some celebration that narrates and re-enacts past events.

Every village, every small centre has its own different characteristics, architectures and natural environments where biodiversity is clearly noticeable.

Traveling through 120 km to the great delta of the river Po, tourists have an extraordinary opportunity to discover with wonder what Polesine has to offer: it is an area of ancient origin, a land of excellence and typical products, of beaches and nature, of precious flora and fauna heritage preserved in the Regional Park of the Po Delta.

It is also the land where the two major rivers in Italy flow, where there are two National Archaeological Museums and two important Conservatories of music and it is the birthplace of famous historical characters. So what are you waiting for? Come and visit!


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